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Demonstrate your Slow Travel skills and compete for the Golden Turtle Photo Awards 
Life is short and good Memories are a Treasure …


'Sharing is Caring'

Our Facebook page Goldentimers Club has open settings. Here you can post your questions to the Goldentimers Community or leave comments that are helpful to other (potential) members. We especially appreciate your pictures and videos which might end-up in our Tour Galleries.

Once a year the Goldentimers Community comes together for a casual evening of Entertainment. During that occassion the winners of our Golden Turtle Photo Awards are announced and all Nominees will receive a bag of goodies and off course eternal fame within the Goldentimers Community ...  


the Golden Turtle Photo Awards


When Mc Donalds opened a new outlet at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italian Carlo Petrini started the slow food movement to counter the monotonous fast food culture. Also at Goldentimers we go for the authentic slow travel experience instead of trodden paths. So open-up all your senses, bring your camera and participate in our international Golden Turtle Photo Award contest!

We honour winners and runners-up in seven photo- and one video category :

The different photo categories are : 

  • People 
  • Fauna & Flora
  • Landscapes 
  • Buildings and Structures 
  • the (off) Roads
  • Teams and their Vehicles
  • Humour                                                 

The video compilations should have a maximal length of 5 minutes

Be creative, we're not looking for the most professional photographer but will reward he or she that managed best to capture the soul of the topic ...

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