'Join-In' (off) Road Trips within Europe

Freedom, Camaraderie, Adventure and Fun guaranteed 
Free to Tag-Along principle  

'Taking the slow roads' ...


Laid-back 'on- & off-'road Slow Tours with own SUV or Pick-Up (4wd)


Our newest format are 'Slow Tours'. This is an extraordinary concept that we develop together with our local Partners in order to connect you as much as possible with a specific region. You will drive on all kinds of slow roads and you will be encouraged to spot all sorts of things, which puts you in a privileged position to successfully participate in our International photo competition. 'Freedom, Companionship, Adventure and Fun' are guaranteed.          

The European Slow Tours are mainly driven with private (4x4) cars and are perfectly suited for a short break. You don't need specific 4x4 skills to participate. You will get acquinted with different navigation techniques along the way. Our Slow Tours follow the free to Tag-Along principle and are therefore an ideal way to get to know our 'Join-In' concept. In the evening most people come together to enjoy good company. Read the tour description for possible' arrive & drive ' options      


How to participate? Our 'Join-In' Tours are booked well ahead in order to secure fleet reservations and the number of entries in limited. Go to the overall Platform to view all Tours or to make a selection. You can also consult our Join-In Calendar for an overview of the departure dates    

Please note that we have to secure fleet reservations well ahead and that the number of entries is limited (first come first served …)


When Mc Donalds opened a new outlet at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italian Carlo Petrini started the slow food movement to counter the monotonous fast food culture. Also at gOldentimers we go for quality and authenticity instead of mass tourism and trodden paths ... 

This means travelling on winding roads through forgotten villages, but also leaving the pavement from time to time for country roads used by the local community. 

So open-up all your senses, bring your camera and participate in a Slow Tour ...