(Lots of) Freedom, Camaraderie, Adventure and Fun ... in a Slow Rally on Slow Roads

The European (4x4) Slow Rallies for 2019 are under preparation ...


Taking the Slow Road(s) ...


When Mc Donalds opened a new outlet at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italian Carlo Petrini started the slow food movement to counter the monotonous fast food culture. Also at gOldentimers we go for quality and authenticity instead of mass tourism and trodden paths ... 

This means travelling on winding roads through forgotten villages, but also leaving the pavement from time to time for country roads used by the local community. Obviously these country and mountain roads are not always in a great state, and although it can be quite a challenge to conquer these in an old 2WD car or local Tuk-Tuk, we will provide for comfortable 4WD's on location in most Tours ...

So open-up all your senses, bring your camera and participate in a Slow Rally


What's a Slow Rally?


This is a unique format we develop with our Local Partners and in which we bring all elements of the gOldentimers Spirit together. So, lots of Freedom, Camaraderie, Adventure and Fun! Each Slow Rally will follow our Open Tag-Along principle (see Formulas) and has a Joint Departure date with minimum age requirements. Our Local Partner will provide for support (either On-Tour or 24/7 Stand-By) and appropriate arrive-and-drive vehicles (no prior experience needed). You will drive on all kinds of Slow Roads and will truly connect with a specific region.

Not only will we put your navigation and spotter skills to the test, you will also have lots of opportunity to take great pictures for our International Photo Competition (see the gOldentimers Club section).


(4x4) Slow Rallies on Europe's most beautiful Slow Roads


Looking for a short break with lots of Freedom, Camaraderie, Adventure & Fun? We have the perfect formula for you!

Our European 4x4 Slow Rallies in a nutshell :

·        Fully equipped 4x4 Arrive-and-Drive vehicles ready for you at location to drive yourself

·        Joint Departure date in Open Tag-Along with likeminded travellers (free driving, see Formulas)

·        Small Groups staying overnight in friendly accommodations

·        Minimum Age Requirements

·        Great Routes/Tracks with a big variety of Slow Roads (villages, nature, dirt roads, …)

·        No prior 4WD experience needed

·        24/7 Stand-By or On-Tour Assistance by our Local Partner (see Formulas)


For some tours we will also add a (non-competitive) Slow Challenge as an extra fun element. Obviously you are not obliged to participate, but it's a great way to test your spotter skills. You will receive a questionnaire for each day with pictures to recognize along the route/track. The difficulty is not only to spot where the pictures were taken, but also to put these in the right order, link the pictures to the proper description, spot what is wrong with it or what is lacking on it, etc. You will receive a login code for instant verification of your daily answers.

Please read the tour descriptions for the exact terms of any particular Slow Rally


How to register for a Tour? Well, that's easy ... Go to the Platform Menu to View All Tours or to make your selection. You can also consult the Join-In Calendar to search for Joint Departure dates. Select your vehicle and send in your Application Form. Done ...

Please note that we have to secure fleet reservations well ahead and that the number of entries is limited (first come first served …)

So make sure to become part of the Goldentimers Community well in time and don't forget to send in your pictures and videos ...


life is short and good memories are a treasure
stop dreaming about it, experience it!