(off) Road Trips & Self-Drives for Private Groups

Looking for an Adventure your Employees, Clients, ... will remember for the rest of their lives?
Or just happen to have some adventurous friends ready to travel with you?
(off) Road Trips for small groups are our specialty ...!



Tailor-Made Incentive Tours


Our Incentive Tours for Groups are basically a 'Once-in-a-Lifetime' experience. So, if you're looking for an event that will really stick, think gOldentimers ...

We have privileged contacts with DMC's in different parts of the world. These local Destination Management Companies are eager to create parties and events around our (off) Road Tours and can basically deliver whatever request you might have (and beyond that), making sure your Tour will become an unforgettable success ...

If you want us to contact you with some great ideas within your budget, please send in the Contact Form below ...


On Tour with your Private Group


If you want to Tag-Along with a group you can look for a formula that will suit you in our Formulas section or move directly to the Platform Manu or Join-In Calendar (see How to Register for our (off) Road Tours)

But maybe you already formed your own group and have a special request?

For most Tours we can adapt date and route as of five vehicles, while maintaining our fleet conditions (depending on season). If you want to find out what kind of (off) Road Trips and Self Drives could be possible for your Private Group, please complete the Contact Form on the bottom of this page